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Hello, Rodriguez! :)
To solve the well-known and very complex problems of development and education of children, to unite mankind in the new era of people-centered development without religious extremism and national conflicts, we have created a new global education system - a system «MIR child." This system of interconnected techniques and technologies several times reduces costs and allows you to do all the gifted and talented children, giving cost savings amounting to about $ 5 million per child in the family. This amount had to be spent to conventional methods involving traditional teachers grow their child harmoniously developed and highly educated genius.
In this system, parents learn new ways of thinking and behavior of a child's development from the very conception until the age of 18 by the procedures PV Tuleneva: "Read, considered to know the notes ... - before the walk." The system was developed in 1958 and has been approved since 1988, when for the first time in history managed to teach a child to read and print - before walking. By 2006, the use of certain elements of this system allowed to give children free 4 higher education (bachelor degree) before the execution of 18-year-old!
Thereafter, in the analysis of biographical data, it was found that similar results were obtained, AS parents Griboyedov in 1813 in Russia, in 1817 Karl Witte - in Germany and other evidence showing that humanity has repeatedly approached the solution of the problem of occurrence of giftedness and talent. The results of reading and writing in children aged 1 year to the section "Results" on the websites: www.rebenokh1.narod.ru/recordmir.htm, www.newyork.narod.ru, www.larisa.h1.ru and many others.
Established PV Tyulenev new system development and education of children is extremely attractive as a conscious parents and progressive governments. It creates savings several times and makes the highest quality of citizens. This is not extensive methods, not by increasing costs, and through the use of the genetic potential of the inner child. Such a system can be implemented remotely - via the Internet and branches - centers "MIR child age people-centered development."
In order to implement the optimal path of transition of cities and regions in the era of people-centered development at the same time the solution of educational problems have developed technologies and addressed closely related issues: 1) effective self-government and free accommodation in apartment buildings and settlements, 2) health care on the basis of the genome and 3) the problem of full employment and the creation of "middle class" by the program: "In each apartment - the firm. Each apartment building (MCD) - Holding ". Sign up for these programs may also be wishing in any region - www.mirrf.narod.ru
As the network information base in each country are created and implemented interconnected network structures and projects under the title "Developing a portal of the country (city) X" with a specific contact structure and functions. For example, a preview of this portal: www.germanymir.narod.ru. It is also planned to create a unified system of employment in the global system "Era people-centered development», www.mirrabota.narod.ru - you can translate the page of an interpreter Google.
We are looking for the best ways to implement the project "Peace - MIR!» And are ready to cooperate with all who wish to participate in the formation of a new historical community of people Human development, upbringing and education of their children and grandchildren gifted and talented, healthy, physically and creatively employed.
Therefore, we invite you to join in the "era of people-centered development" partners that can participate the project with their work or investments, contributions and contributions to the proposed - development of the future of humanity.
We are ready to enter into cooperation agreements for the establishment of centers of venture investment and business based on the business plans of the project financing, sponsorship, charitable and other contributions, etc. - With all categories of potential partners: co-founders, sponsors and investors, managers and employees to our centers for the creation of representative offices and branches of the center "MIR Child" in different countries, including in your country or city.
We would be grateful for any help and assistance!
Sign up and choose a form of participation like you can on the website of the program "Every family - gifted children" and "Age of people-centered development»: www.rebenokh1.narod.ru/registration.htm

President of the "Era of Human Development" Pavel Tyulenev, aoser@mail.ru
Skype username: mirivmax

Воспитывая ребенка - загадываешь на тысячу лет.
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